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TiVo is great entertainment at an even better price! Thank you Cogeco!
– Myriam, Oakville
TiVo service has transformed my family's TV experience! Oh TiVo… I think we love you!
– Jodi, Windsor
Who needs a "smart TV"? TiVo guesses which shows I might want to watch!
– Jennifer, Hamilton
Family members can start a show in one room and finishing it in another. We can even take our shows on the road on our iPads, TV has been revolutionized!
– Michael, North Bay
I love TiVo's remote, picture quality and great features, like TiVo suggestions and My Shows.
– Brenda, Lindsay
I love being able to watch my favourite shows at the gym! I just save shows to my iPad and place it on the reader ledge!
– William, Sarnia
I'm not a particularly 'techy' person but, after the technician installed and showed me how to operate TiVo, I feel like a pro!
– Shani, Burlington
TiVo makes TV watching so much more fun! The On Demand section is great for binging on new series or watching shows we forgot to record.
– Lauren, Peterborough

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