Ethernet WAN

More speed and reliability to power your business.

Cogeco Fibre Ethernet WAN Service interconnects multiple office locations using the latest in fibre-based Ethernet technology – offering dedicated Ethernet access options from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond.

Completely scalable, Ethernet allows your business to grow and evolve without costly integration equipment and complicated network deployment plans.


  • 100% fibre based solution

    Cogeco’s Fibre is a secure and reliable medium which can carry high bandwidth over long distances due to low attenuation and immunity to electromagnetic interference which increases security and reliability. It provides low latency and jitter for data communications.

  • Fully dedicated and symmetrical data services

    Get guaranteed two-way circuit bandwidth and service quality in both upstream and downstream as the entire circuit is exclusively dedicated for your use.

  • Flexible range of data service offering

    With a flexible range of data services the solution is customized to meet your enterprises unique needs and specifications. (Internet, Point-to-Point, MultiPoint, IPVPN).

  • Reliable, private, redundant and secure data transfer
    • Cogeco Fibre Services connectivity is offered through a MPLS enabled core network (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), which is reliable, private and secure.
    • The MPLS-enabled Core delivers a highly redundant and reliable infrastructure. This can automatically route your traffic within the MPLS cloud in case of service interruption in any part of the core network, it provides low latency and jitter through a reliable network infrastructure.
  • Support of Jumbo frames on GigE access

    This allows for faster data delivery.

  • Additional VLANs available including super-aggregated Internet access

    Flexibility in the network infrastructure enables customers to request additional VLANS (unique Virtual LAN identifier) for multiple applications over the same circuit.

  • Access to a customer bandwidth portal

    You can monitor your service usage in real time, enabling you to proactively manage service subscriptions thereby preventing impact on critical business applications.

  • Managed customer premise equipment (CPE)

    All the CPE are remotely managed which enables troubleshooting and quick resolution of network issues and problems.



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