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Take advantage of F-Secure Protection Service for Business

All Cogeco High Speed Internet packages now include free licenses of F-Secure’s business-grade Protection Service for Business. The number of free licenses you’re entitled to depends on your Cogeco High Speed Internet package. This easy-to-install solution, available for Windows and Mac allows you to:

  • Manage all protected computers through an user-friendly administrative portal.
  • Benefit from superior protection against online threats, such as malware, phishing sites, malicious advertising, and spam.
  • Get real-time software updates to ensure all protected computers are equipped with the latest patches and software versions.
  • Manage your business’s security with ease thanks to extensive reporting and analytics.

Take advantage of our updated security software today.

  1. Call us at 1-877-846-7863 to get access to the Protection Service for Business licenses included with your High Speed Internet package.
  2. A Cogeco Business Specialist will walk you through it and set up your Online Productivity Account. He or she will provide you with a temporary password.
  3. You will then receive an email with a link to the My Online Productivity portal you will need to log in using your temporary password.
  4. You will be prompted to choose another password.
  5. You will also receive an email confirming that your free F-Secure Protection Service for Business subscription and licenses* have been added to your new account.
  6. Finally, you will receive a Welcome email with instructions on how to log in to your My Online Productivity account, set up your free Protection Service for Business, add more licenses, etc.

If you require any support along the way, don’t hesitate to call us to speak with a Business Specialist.


Want even more personalized support?

You have the option of purchasing our Cogeco Integration Services. You’ll benefit from dedicated support and in-person tutorials from one of our Integration Specialists, which cover service configuration and usage support.

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