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Break-Free Credit

Thinking of making the switch to Cogeco?

We make our great services even more rewarding. If you are currently in a contract with another company, you can still take advantage of our Business Solutions. Get our Break-Free Credit worth up to $2,000 when you switch to Cogeco, to help pay the charges for leaving your old contract. Valid on Business Phone, Business Internet and Business TV, on a 3-year commitment period.

At Cogeco Business Solutions, we’re committed to keeping our customers happy, which is why we conduct regular surveys to collect their feedback. The most recent results show that they are 92% satisfied with our services.

We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback. We invite you to discover just some of the many reasons why we rate so highly below.

Guaranteed pricing

Your price on your business phone and internet will be guaranteed for the duration of your agreement with us. Imagine no price increases for at least 3 years!

No hidden fees

You’ll get honest, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees, nasty surprises or sneaky automatic contract renewals.

Knowledgeable Business Specialists ready to help

You’ll be served by local, dedicated small business customer service representatives focused on serving your needs, not by some call center half way around the world. We even have consultants in your neighbourhood who can meet you in person to help you complete the paperwork or select a package!

Dedicated small business support hotline

You’ll have access to a special small business hotline to call with any questions about your service so you don’t have to waste time on hold.

Services tailor-made for your business

You’ll have access to a variety of services tailor made for businesses like yours, including phone, high speed internet, television and fibre connectivity. Your business phone, internet or television services will be delivered via our reliable and robust 11.000KM long fibre optic and cable network.

Free standard installation

Your standard installation will be completely FREE if you take a term agreement of one year or more. You will also get your service installed and maintained by a large team of highly trained and experienced technicians.

Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our 24/7 technical support team will help you with any issues you might have, which will receive the highest priority for resolution.

One Bill

You’ll have just one bill to pay for all of your services and you’ll benefit financially by combining them with Cogeco.

Loyalty Treatment

Once a customer, you’ll still be treated with respect and we won’t save all the perks just for new buyers. For example, we recently introduced a speed increase on our most popular internet package for all existing customers, at no extra charge!

Continually improving services

Your services will never be outdated and will always be improving; we continually invest significant amounts of money to apply the latest technology advances to our network and your services, such as with our rollout of our next generation network to deliver ultimate internet speeds of up to 120 mbps.

A Stable company

Your business will be safe and secure in the hands of our financially stable, family run company that has been successfully connecting people and businesses for over 50 years.

Ask yourself, does your current supplier offer all of this? If not, what are you waiting for? Make the switch today to a company that does more for your business.

Just grab a bill from your current supplier and call us today at 1-877-846-7863.

Want to make the process even smoother?

  • Ensure you have a full list of all of your existing phone numbers. We can transfer them all for you and advise your supplier of the change so you don't have to waste your valuable time.
  • Check if you have a contract with your current supplier and check the expiration date. If it was automatically renewed without your consent, call us anyhow, and we can help you explore your options.

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