Toll-Free 1000

Cogeco Business Toll-Free 1000 service offers a low flat rate with an incredible 1000 inbound minutes. Choose from numbers starting with 1-800, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877 or 1-888 and watch as the calls start pouring in from all over North America!

1000 inbound minutes/month

From Canada and United States


Additional Toll-Free Numbers at $1.95 each

Multiply the benefits to your business by adding a second number to your 1000-minute package and use the additional number in different markets or to promote different business units.

Cogeco's Toll-Free service is made for businesses like yours!

Great value, straightforward pricing and Cogeco’s quality service are just some of the reasons our toll-free service is right for your business!

Attract more customers

  • Increase your visibility and reach with customers outside of your local calling area for a low monthly fee. More customers means more sales!
  • Strengthen your company image by featuring your toll-free number on advertising and promotional materials.
  • Increase your marketing efforts with more than enough inbound minutes to handle increased caller volumes or peak periods.

Switch and manage your service with ease

  • No new equipment required.
  • No contracts, no installation fees - easily add a toll-free number to your business without being held to a contract if you find you no longer need it.
  • A low flat monthly fee and no per-minute billing when you use less than 1000 minutes, budgeting becomes a breeze as your monthly rate will remain the same.

Improve your customer service

  • Encourage calls from customers all over North America or limit inbound calls to the province or region you serve to avoid wasted time or false expectations.

Make your business easy to remember and reach

  • Create a vanity number at no extra charge and integrate it into promotional material to make your company and your toll-free number unforgettable!

Reduce costs

  • Allow travelling employees to affordably stay in touch with the office.

Simplify billing

  • Receive one invoice for all your Cogeco Business Services and make only one payment per month.

Including features at no extra charge

Area Code Coverage

Blocks callers from unwanted locations allowing you to select coverage areas (e.g. allow toll-free calls from Ontario and Quebec only).

Caller Identifier

Shows the telephone number of the person calling the toll-free number.

Dialled Number Identifier

Identifies the specific toll-free number dialled by the caller (where multiple toll-free numbers are routed to the same number).

Directory Listing

Lists the toll-free number in the Toll-Free Directory Assistance.

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