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Stingray Music offers a wide variety of channels programmed by experts to connect with your customers.

  • Over 40 channels, non-stop and commercial-free
  • All rights and royalties paid
$29.95 / month
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Stingray Music Channels

  • 330 Stingray Baroque

    Rich melodic music from 1600 to 1750.

  • 329 Stingray Chamber Music

    Intimate small ensemble and recital works of the world’s greatest composers.

  • 331 Stingray Classic Masters

    Concertos, symphonies, ballet music from 1760 to the present.

  • 328 Stingray Pop Classics

    The world’s best-loved melodies.

  • 320 Stingray Country Classics

    The best-loved country classics.

  • 321 Stingray Franco Country

    The very best in francophone new and traditional country.

  • 319 Stingray Hot Country

    All the hits of new country.

  • 315 Stingray Adult Alternative

    A deep blend of yesterday and today aimed at adults who still love music.

  • 311 Stingray Classic Rock

    Rock music of the late ‘60s to the ‘80s.

  • 312 Stingray Rock

    Current selections of rock.

  • 314 Stingray Rock Alternative

    The essence of rock today.

  • 335 Stingray Jazz Masters

    Artists that have shaped and changed the world of jazz.

  • 919 Stingray Jazz Now

    An aural snapshot of the world of jazz today.

  • 333 Stingray Smooth Jazz

    The hottest contemporary jazz artists in a smooth-flowing soundscape.

  • 316 Stingray The Blues

    Classic blues from the ‘30s to the new artists of today.

  • 305 Stingray All Day Party

    Music to sing your heart out to.

  • 303 Stingray Dance Clubbin'

    House, techno, trance and more.

  • 336 Stingray Easy Listening

    A channel ideal for relaxing background music.

  • 309 Stingray Flashback '70s

    Relive an explosive decade in music.

  • 324 Stingray Franco Pop

    The greatest pop hits and urban music of the ‘90s from the French-speaking world.

  • 307 Stingray Franco Retro

    A hit parade of French pop songs ranging from the ‘60s to the ‘80s.

  • 302 Stingray Hit List

    A steady mix of today’s hottest hits.

  • 308 Stingray Jukebox Oldies

    The days of early rock & roll from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

  • 323 Stingray Nostalgie

    The quintessential chanson française of the ‘50s - ‘70s.

  • 301 Stingray Pop Adult

    Features the best in pop-adult contemporary music.

  • 310 Stingray Remember The '80s

    The best of pop music from the ‘80s.

  • 317 Stingray Riddim

    Ska, Roots, Dancehall – whatever your taste in Reggae, old or new, it’s all here.

  • 322 Stingray Souvenirs

    The hits from 1975 to the end of the 20th Century.

  • 325 Stingray Top Détente

    Bilingual mix of today’s best music and yesterday’s favorites.

  • 306 Stingray Urban Beat

    Rap, Hip Hop and contemporary R&B. From old school to new school.

  • 332 Stingray Around The World

    Music grown out of cultural traditions from around the world.

  • 313 Stingray Eclectic Electronic

    This is electronic music for life at the club level, the leading edge soundtrack to lifestyle clubbing.

  • 318 Stingray Folk Roots

    New artists alongside legends and traditional favourites.

  • 340 Stingray Kids' Stuff

    The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers.

  • 339 Stingray Mousses Musique

    A francophone musical wonderland for youngsters.

  • 338 Stingray Nature

    The ultimate in back-to-nature.

  • 304 Stingray The Chill Lounge

    Ambient, trip hop, downtempo, intelligent music and more.

  • 326 Stingray The Light

    Christian inspired pop and folk music.

  • 327 Stingray The Spa

    Purely instrumental electro-acoustic music.

  • 341 Stingray Gala ADISQ

    Special Programming Gala ADISQ September 30 – November 15

  • 342 Stingray Michael Bublé

    Celebrity Programming Michael Bublé September 30 – November 15

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