UltraFibre 120

UltraFibre 120

Experience impressive download speeds and transfer capacity. Great for both work and play, this package offers what you need for day-to-day Internet use and downloading or streaming TV shows, movies, music and online video games.

  • Download or stream tons of movies
  • Play games online for hours on end
  • Perfect for families with multiple devices

speed up to:

120 Mbps

speed up to:

10 Mbps

Monthly transfer capacity:

425 GB

Included in this package

  • Wired modem rental included
  • Access to Cogeco webmail from any Internet Access Point
  • Up to 7 email addresses
  • Cogeco Security Services: a full range of security services, automatically and continually updated, including a junk mail filter, antivirus and firewall
  • Unlimited access to our large network of Wi-Fi hotspots across Ontario.

Wireless Modem

  • Benefit from our AC Wireless modem which let's you surf the web all around your place.
  • TiVo Service clients: The AC Wi-Fi modem is required at the cost of only $2.95 /month.
    ($0 for the first 6 months)
  • Non TiVo Service clients: The AC Wi-Fi modem is optional and can be rented for only $4.95/month.

Minimum System Requirements

  • 30 GB Hard drive
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Gigabit ETH Network Card
  • Vista SP2, Mac OS X (or more recent) or Linux (not supported)

Systems that do not meet the minimum requirements will be unable to reach the advertised speeds.

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