Basic line Package

Basic Line

Cogeco’s Basic Line, will provide you with your basic essential phone needs at an economical price.

This package includes:

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Long distance calls within Canada and to the United States at any time for $0.15/minute
  • Emergency Service (911)
  • Directory assistance (411): $0.95/call


International long distance plans

Add one of our new International Long Distance plan to your Home Phone service and call your friends and family for less!

International Long Distance Plans
Europe 100 Minutes $5 / month
Asia 100 Minutes $7 / month
Europe 500 Minutes $20 / month
Asia 500 Minutes $25 / month
Discounted Rate Plan $5 / month
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Call Features

Get five calling features (Three-Way Calling, Call Screen, Call Blocking, Anonymous Call Reject and Do Not Disturb) for only $10 per month, a savings of 50%!


Add features to your package to make your life easier!

Call Features
Basic Second Line $9.99 / month
Voice Mail $5 / month
Call Display $5 / month
Call Waiting $5 / month
Visual Call Display $0 / month

Visual Call Display is conditional to a subscription to Call Display and Call Waiting features.

Call Forwarding $5 / month
Three-way Calling $5 / month
Call Blocking $5 / month
Anonymous Call Reject $5 / month
Call Screen $5 / month
Do Not Disturb $5 / month
Call Display Permanently Blocked $5 / month
per account
Unlisted Name and Phone Number $2 / month

Basic Second Line

Need another line? Opt for a Cogeco’s Basic Second Line!

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Long distance calls within Canada and to the United States at any time for $0.15/minute
  • Directory assistance (411): $0.95/call

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