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Cogeco offers a full range of calling features to simplify your life. Some may be included in your package while others can be added à la carte.

Get 5 call features for only $10 per month, a savings of 50%! This package includes Three-Way Calling, Call Screen, Call Blocking, Anonymous Call Reject and Do Not Disturb.

Feature Description Monthly Price
Voice Mail Keep in touch even when you can not answer calls! Voice mail allows people who are trying to reach you to leave messages in your absence. Simply retrieve them, whether you are at home or out.


Call Display This feature allows you to see the name and phone number of the person calling you before you pick up. You can then decide whether to answer or let your voicemail take a message.


Call Waiting Answer an incoming call without ending a call already in progress. You will never miss another important call and your line will never be occupied.


Visual Call Waiting Manage your calls as you wish! Visual Call Waiting lets you see the name and telephone number of an incoming caller, on your phone's display screen, while you are already on a call. This function is conditional to a subscription to the Calling Features Call Display and Call Waiting. When these two Calling Features are taken together, the Visual Call Display feature will be provided for free.


Call Forwarding Redirect incoming calls to another phone number to prevent missing an important call. You can make outgoing calls even when this function is activated.


Three-Way Calling Talk with two people at the same time--wherever they are. You can also talk privately with one person, then resume the three-way conference call. It is an easy way to share good news with friends and family or it can be a practical tool for work!


Call Blocking This feature allows you to block incoming calls from the last phone number that called you. After receiving an undesirable call, you can block the phone number without knowing it. There is a maximum of 30 number that can be blocked. Once the Call Blocking feature is enabled for a particular number, it is kept in your rejected calls list.


Anonymous Call Reject Individuals or companies refuse to disclose their identity on call display screens? This function will let them know that they need to disclose their name and phone number to contact you.


Call Screen Make a list of phone numbers that you would like to accept, reject, send directly to another number, or assign a specific ringtone or distinctive ring.


Do Not Disturb Easily block all incoming calls by redirecting them automatically to your voicemail.


Call Display Permanently Blocked This feature automatically prevents the display of your name and phone number when making outgoing calls. This does not effect the display of your information when calling the 911 emergency service.

$5.00per account

Unlisted Name and Phone Number Choose this if you want your name and phone number to be omitted from the next printed directory.

This calling feature is available à la carte only. It is excluded from the choice of the two features included in the Select package.


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