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How do I change my name in the telephone directory?

The name on your phone bill is the one that is listed in the telephone directory and that appears on the display of the people receiving your calls.

To change this listing, you must contact a customer service representative. A fee of $29.95 applies.

You will be able to:

  • Change your name in the next edition of the printed directory
  • Change your name in the directory assistance service (411)

You have three choices for your first name:

  • The first initial of your first name (example: P.)
  • Your first name (example: Pierre)
  • Two first names ( example: Pierre Robert)

Your last name must be written in full. Only one last name is accepted. If you have two last names (example: Tremblay Bouchard), this counts as a single last name.

You can also have your listing removed from the telephone directory and from appearing on call display with the “Unlisted Name and Phone Number” calling feature.


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