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What is the Mobile Broadband feature in Cogeco Security Services?

Cogeco Security Services will protect you even when you're using a compatible Windows 7 Mobile Broadband (USB) modem. When the Mobile Broadband connection is activated Cogeco Security Services application updates and downloads can be limited to save bandwidth expenses. The Mobile Broadband feature has following modes:

  • Always download security updates except when roaming: This option is the default behaviour. Mobile Broadband modem can be used to download updates normally in your home Mobile Broadband network however updates will not be downloaded when you are roaming, i.e. using another operator's network, especially when travelling, which might be expensive.
  • Never download security updates: This option prevents Cogeco Security Services (but not Windows or other applications) from downloading virus database or product updates when the computer is connected to the Internet via a Mobile Broadband modem.
  • Always download security updates: Updates are downloaded normally regardless of what network your Mobile Broadband modem is connected to


Note that some Mobile Broadband operators do not have their own network and in those cases, Mobile Broadband may report false roaming. If you have only Mobile Broadband Internet subscription from such operator, you will need to select "Always download security updates" option.

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