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Why should I take steps to secure my Wi-Fi home network?

Wi-Fi networks may be more convenient than wired networks, but if they aren't properly secured, they can be more vulnerable. That's because Wi-Fi networks use signals that can pass through walls and can travel beyond the limits of your home. If you don't secure your network, Wi-Fi signals may be detected and/or intercepted by anyone within range, potentially giving people access to your Internet connection and or your home network without your knowledge or consent.

Cogeco's Wi-Fi modem is configured by default with customized security measures, greatly decreasing the chance of any unauthorized access. Also, the technician who installed your modem originally secured your Wi-Fi network. However, we recommend that you change your password to help protect it from unauthorized access.

It's your responsibility, as the end user and in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), to protect your Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi connection to your home network and Wi-Fi modem through the use of a secure and complex Service Set Identifier (SSID) passphrase.

You should also be aware that any changes you make to your Cogeco Wi-Fi settings may impact your home network security, as well as the use of your bandwidth, which may result in Internet over-usage fees.

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