Create a new (IMAP) account FAQ

How do I configure Windows Live Mail (IMAP)

  1. To add an account, click "Add e-mail account" or... image configuration
  2. Press "Alt" on your keyboard to view the hidden menu and click Tools" and "Accounts... image configuration
  3. Click "Add..." image configuration
  4. Select "E-mail Account" and click "Next" image configuration
  5. Enter your "E-mail address," your "Password" and your "Name". Check the "Manually configure server..." box and click "Next" image configuration
  6. Enter the "Incoming" and "Outgoing" server information as shown below. Enter your "Username" for "Login ID" and click "Next" image configuration
  7. Click "Finish" to save your account image configuration
  8. The e-mail setup is done; click "Close" image configuration

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