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What is CraveTV?

CraveTV is an on-demand video streaming service that's all about great television. CraveTV brings you thousands of hours of TV programming you'll love. We've got HBO classic series, hits from SHOWTIME, the best sitcoms in TV history, today's top shows and Canadian exclusive original series that are handpicked for TV lovers just like you.

CraveTV is an application not directly available on Cogeco receivers, before subscribing with Cogeco please ensure you have access to the hardware and/or software platforms required : available on iOS, android, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One. Compatible with PC/Mac, AirPlay' Chromecast.

How can I connect to CraveTV after my subscription with Cogeco

To connect to CraveTV you have to use your Cogeco's customer account (to create a Cogeco's customer account visit / My account). On Crave TV, click on "Sign In", then click on the tab that is titled "Through my TV Provider" and select Cogeco.

Can I play video on CraveTV from more than one device at a time?

Yes, members of a household can stream CraveTV concurrently on up to two devices, and also watch content via the set-top box at the same time.

How many devices can be linked to one CraveTV account?

You may have up to five devices connected to your CraveTV account at any time.

Can I use CraveTV when travelling in Canada and the U.S.?

CraveTV is not available for use outside Canada.

Are programs available on CraveTV in HD?

Yes. CraveTV strives to offer users the best possible viewing experience. The video quality we deliver will depend on the content and your Internet connection and device. We'll automatically detect your connection speed and send you the highest quality stream your connection can support.

Does CraveTV have parental controls?

Yes, CraveTV has parental controls that allow you to require a PIN when viewing content rated above a particular level. You can find this in "Settings," under "Parental Controls." The PIN can be changed at any time, and the Parental Controls setting will be applicable for your account across devices and platforms that CraveTV is available on except set-top boxes.

Please note that any parental controls settings on your TV provided through your service provider will not apply to the CraveTV apps or website.

Can I watch programs on CraveTV with closed-captioning?

Closed captioning is available on your set-top box, Apple TV and Web.

Can I watch programs on CraveTV in different languages?

CraveTV programming is available in English only.

Are there commercials on CraveTV?

No, CraveTV is completely commercial-free.

Can I find out what catalogue content there is before I subscribe?

Yes! You don't need a subscription to browse or search the full CraveTV catalogue. Visit or download the app from the Apple App StoreSM, GooglePlayTM or the Windows Store. You can also browse the catalogue on Apple TV, on your Samsung Smart TV or on the Xbox One.

More information about CraveTV:

Complete FAQ:
1-888-CRAVETV (1-888-272-8388)

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