A new technology for an improved TV service

As part of our ongoing commitment to offering you the best TV viewing experience, Cogeco is upgrading the TV service in your area to bring you the full experience of digital picture and sound. This change will allow us in the future to offer you even better TV service with more channels to choose from.


  • What are the digital music channels?

    Cogeco TV subscribers can hear a wide variety of commercial free music on the Stingray channels. They are located between channels 301 and 340.

  • What is happening to my service?

    Cogeco is changing the Classic Cable TV channel lineup to digital-quality signals on all TVs connected to Cable TV. These changes will allow Cogeco to offer an enhanced Digital TV service, more HD choices and Cogeco On Demand services. In addition, these upgrades allow us to make additional changes that will deliver much faster Internet access speeds and future Home Phone service improvements.

  • Why is this happening now?

    Cogeco is investing in this new technology because it will allow us to deliver digital quality TV today and enable expanded TV, Home Phone and Internet services in the near future. These new choices will mean an enhanced HD channel selection and access to Cogeco On Demand titles. 

  • Who will be affected?

    You will be affected if you subscribe to the Cogeco Classic Cable TV packages in specific regions or have a Digital TV service with TV outlets not connected with digital equipment.

  • What if I don't do anything?

    Any TV connected directly to Cogeco TV service without the appropriate digital equipment will eventually lose access to their analogue TV channels. 

  • Why doesn't Cogeco already know how many TVs I have?

    Cogeco knows how many TVs are connected to our network with a digital receiver or digital adapter. However, many customers connect their cable-ready TV sets directly to Cogeco service without notifying the company. These homes may have several TVs receiving Cogeco service legally, but Cogeco has no record of them.

  • What is the difference between a digital receiver and a digital adapter?

    A digital receiver processes digital-quality signals. It allows access to Cogeco On Demand and our On-Screen Program Guide. A digital adapter simply provides digital-quality signals.

  • What is Digital Cable?

    Digital Cable refers to the technology used to send signals over the Cogeco fibre-optic network. The same technology has been built into most of the TV sets sold within the past few years. It delivers higher-quality picture and sound.

  • What is Cogeco Classic Cable TV?

    Cogeco Classic Cable TV or Basic Cable provides you with a range of basic channels including locally broadcast channels (such as CTV, CBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.), local government channels (such as CPAC) and TV Cogeco. For a list of channels offered in your area, visit our Channel Line-Up page on Cogeco.ca.

  • What is Analogue Cable?

    "Analogue" refers to the technology used to transfer some signals over Cogeco’s network. The technology was introduced at the advent of broadcast television and is built into most televisions in use today, although virtually all new televisions produced and sold over the past few years are based on digital technology.

  • What if I already have Cogeco Digital Cable?

    Any TVs that already receive Cogeco Digital Cable are ready for the change—you don’t need to do anything. However, even if you have Cogeco Digital Cable on one TV, any other TV set connected directly to Cogeco TV service without the appropriate digital equipment will eventually lose access to the channels it currently receives. 

    Note: Once the digital migration is complete, every TV set will require digital equipment in order to receive Cogeco TV services. Having a digital TV is not enough; you must have the necessary Cogeco digital equipment to receive the Cogeco digital signal on each of your TV sets.

  • What if I need help installing the new equipment?

    When you receive the new digital equipment, you'll also receive instruction on how to install it. You can also Watch our  video to see how to complete the installation. 

  • Do I need to set my TV to a specific channel?

    Set your TV and the digital adapter to channel 3, unless instructed otherwise. (Some areas use channel 4.)

  • I need different equipment than what I ordered. How can I get new equipment?

    If you need additional equipment, or if you’d like to exchange what you have for something different, please call one of our customer service representatives at 1-877-675-9145.

  • The remote control isn't working right. I can't control my TV.

    Verify that you’ve programmed the remote control for your TV using the steps and codes included in the Cogeco Digital adapter Remote guide.

  • How do I turn off my new digital adapter?

    Your new digital adapter should remain on even when your TV isn’t. It uses virtually no energy and you will be able use your new Cogeco remote to turn your TV on/off at any time.

  • How can I use the picture-in-picture feature on a TV connected to a digital adapter?

    Unfortunately, the picture-in-picture feature is not compatible with digital TV signals.

  • Can I record my favorite programs on my VCR using a digital adapter?

    Yes, you can continue to record programs on your VCR using your digital adapter.

  • Can I record Basic Cable TV channels without digital equipment?

    No, once the digital migration is complete in your area all TV’s connected with Cogeco will require digital equipment to receive Cogeco TV services. 

  • With digital equipment from Cogeco, can I program my VCR to record my favorite shows?

    You will not be able to program your VCR to record different channels at different times when your TV is connected to a digital adapter. To record different programs at different times, you will have to change the channel on your Digital adapter.

    If you have a digital receiver, you can program it along with your VCR to record different channels at different times.

  • How can I use the Digital Receiver and VCR to record future programs?

    To record a future program, follow these digital receiver and VCR instructions:

    • Select the program you want to record from the TV listings.
    • Press OK/Select to bring up the Program Information screen with the Quick Menu.
    • Select the Record icon from the Quick Menu.
    • Select Record Future Program.
    • Once the set top box is set, a message will appear reminding you to set up the VCR.
    • Turn on your VCR and turn to channel 3 or 4 (depending on your manufacturer’s instructions).

    The VCR needs to be programmed to record channel 3 or 4, as the set top is controlling the channel to be recorded, not the VCR. When the program starts, the set top box will automatically tune in to the program so that your VCR can record it.

  • How does the digital migration affect a media center PC that is used with Cogeco Connexion service?

    A digital receiver or digital adapter will be required for a media center PC to receive Cogeco Analogue Tier channels or a higher level of service. The installation is the same as that of a digital receiver or digital adapter on an analogue television.

  • How do I connect a digital receiver or digital adapter to a Media Center PC?

    To connect a digital receiver or digital adapter to your Media Center PC, you will need the following equipment:

    • 2 coaxial cables
    • IR control cable
    • Remote sensor/IR Blaster

    To connect to your Media Center PC:

    1. Connect one end of one of the coaxial cables to the cable jack in the wall.
    2. Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the cable input connection on your digital receiver. This connection is usually called: CABLE IN, IN FROM WALL, or INPUT. If you are unable to locate this connection, refer to the instructions for your digital receiver.
    3. Connect one end of the other coaxial cable to the cable output connection on your digital receiver. This connection is usually called: CABLE OUT, OUT TO TV, or OUTPUT.
    4. Connect the other end of this coaxial cable to the TV IN jack, located on the back of the Media Center PC.
    5. Make sure the remote sensor is located near the set top box and then connect the remote sensor to the USB port on the back of your Media Center PC.
    6. Locate the remote receiver. This is the area on the front of your set top box where you aim the remote control to change channels and sound levels.
    7. Remove the small piece of paper covering one side of the IR control cable. This will expose an adhesive (sticky side) on that side of the IR control cable.
    8. Using the adhesive, connect the IR control cable from the front of the remote receiver on to the front of the Digital Receiver.
    9. Connect the plug of the IR control cable to the back of the remote sensor for the Media Center PC.
    10. Press the green Start button on the remote control (this will open the Media Center Start menu) and then select Settings.
    11. On the Settings page, select TV, then select Set Up TV Signal to begin the TV Signal Setup Wizard.
  • If I currently have Cogeco Connexion service and I receive High-Definition (HD) channels, how will this be affected by using a digital adapter?

    The digital adapter does not support HD signals. Cogeco offers HD digital receivers for rental or purchase. 

  • How do I connect a digital adapter to my high-definition television (HD TV) so I can continue receiving channels broadcast in HD?

    To continue receiving channels broadcast in HD with a feed directly to your HD TV, you will need:

    • a digital adapter,
    • a splitter,
    • 5 coaxial cables,
    • an A/B switch.

    To install:

    1. Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the jack in the wall.
    2. Connect the other end of that coaxial cable to the IN of a splitter.
    3. Connect a coaxial cable from one of the OUTs of the splitter to the IN of an A/B switch.
    4. Connect a coaxial cable from the other OUT of the splitter to the IN of the digital receiver.
    5. Connect a coaxial cable from the OUT of the digital receiver to the IN of an A/B switch
    6. Connect a coaxial cable to the OUT of the A/B switch and to the IN of the television

    To watch channels broadcast in HD, set the A/B switch to the correct setting (for example ‘B’). To watch Expanded Basic/Starter channels in digital format, set the the A/B switch to the correct setting (for example ‘A’).

    Please note: Some HD TVs may have two (2) RF inputs. If your HD TV has two RF inputs, you have the option of taking the output connections from the splitter and connecting them directly to the RF inputs of your TV, without using an A/B switch. You will need to select alternate inputs (RF 1 or RF 2) on your TV to switch between Limited Basic/Broadcast HD or Starter/Expanded Basic channels.

  • Will I get access to parental controls on the digital receiver?

    Cogeco provides customers with the necessary tools and resources to manage content that they may deem inappropriate. In addition to our variety of packaging options, which include a Digital Family Theme Pack, this is accomplished via our digital receivers and the Interactive Guide available on those receivers. By using a digital receiver, a customer may set controls on what programs may be viewed through use of a PIN. Digital adapters have a more limited functionality; they do not have a built in parental control function. They simply pass the signal to the TV. You will be able to fully set and control your TV parental locks in the same way you were able to prior to installation of a digital adapter.

    If your TV has built-in parental control technology, it will continue to work with the digital adapter.

  • My TV has an embedded electronic program guide. Will I be able to continue using this guide after I install the digital adapter?

    Yes, the digital adapter will pass on the necessary data for your TV’s programming guide.

  • Can I control my digital adapter remotely through a Sling box?

    Yes, Cogeco digital adapters are fully compatible with Sling boxes. To configure your Sling Media client to control the digital adapter please follow the following instructions:

    1. Open Sling Player for Windows or Mac.
    2. Make sure you are logged in to your Sling Account.
    3. Select Setup Assistant from the Settings menu.
    4. If prompted, enter the administrative password for this Sling box.
    5. Click the Configure Video Sources link.
    6. Select the Sling box input that you need to reconfigure.
    7. Follow the onscreen instructions to locate the Cogeco digital adapter.
  • Setting Up the Remote Control Infrared IR Extender

    If you would like to hide your digital adapter or if it will not fit in front of your television you may choose to use the Remote Control Infrared IR Extender.

  • Activating Your Digital adapter

    Once connected to the Cogeco network the digital adapter should automatically be activated within 15 to 30 minutes.

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