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The IMPROVED Cogeco My Account will make managing your Cogeco services a real breeze!

  • Understand your Internet usage in a single glance
  • Schedule recordings from anywhere through our online Remote PVR
  • Download Cogeco’s iPad app, which includes your TV guide and lets you program recordings remotely
  • Customize your Selectif TV package’s channel selection at your leisure
  • Never miss a bill: receive email alerts or sign up for convenient automatic monthly payments
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Understand at a glance your Internet usage.

  • View detailed daily Internet usage statistics
  • Access your 4-month usage history
  • Receive email alerts when you reach 85% and 100% of your package’s monthly transfer limit
  • View the details of your current package
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Never miss a bill!

  • Pay a bill online through your bank account or by credit card.
  • Subscribe to paperless billing.
  • View or download your last 18 bills in PDF format.
  • Subscribe to pre-authorized payments.
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The perfect tools to enhance your TV experience.

  • Modify your Selectif TV channel lineup.
  • Schedule recordings remotely directly from the online TV guide.
  • Download your iPadTV Guide and manage your recordings.
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Manage your account from a single control panel.

  • Create and manage accounts for your family.
  • Access useful management tools, like equipment activation.
  • Set up and configure up to 7 different email addresses.
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