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What is Malware?

Malware is short for Malicious Software. Malware is computer software that can be used for many different functions such as compromising computer functions, stealing data, bypassing security or causing harm to the computer. Each infection typically has a name such as some well known infections: Zeus, Kelihos or Zero Access. Below are the most common types of Malware:

Bots – Bots are single computers infected within a botnet. These computers are being remotely controlled by a program to perform different tasks. They can be written to cause DDoS attacks, spamming or distributing other malware.

Root kits – Root kits are designed for remote access or controlling the infected computer
without detection. Detection and removal is extremely difficult due to its programming. Root
kits usually require manual removal or removal tools.

Trojans – Trojans try to disguise themselves as a normal file, then trick the user to installing
different malware. Once the pc is infected the Trojan is able to modify and steal data, among
other things.

Worms – Worms spread by using exploits in operating systems. Often worms can cause harm to their host by consuming bandwidth or overloading servers. They can also use coding to cause
different malicious activities.

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