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Why doesn’t Cogeco’s wireless network appear in the list of available wireless networks on my computer?

Ensure that you are looking for the correct SSID (network name).
The name of your Cogeco network can be found in the documentation given to you by the technician who installed your service.

Your computer’s wireless communication switch may be turned off.
If your computer has a wireless communication switch, it must be turned on to allow your computer to identify available wireless networks. These switches can be located on the side, on the front or on a function key of your computer. They are generally identified by an antenna or wireless signal icon.

Your computer is too far from your router or wireless access point.
Since wireless networks have a limited range, bring your computer closer to the Cogeco Wireless Modem. If this is not possible, you might need a wireless repeater or extender.

The Cogeco wireless modem is turned off or is not working properly.
Verify that the wireless modem is plugged in correctly. If it is plugged in but none of the lights are lighting up on the modem, please call for technical support.

The wireless signal is weakened by appliances or equipment causing interference.
Certain home appliances or equipment may be causing interference in your wireless network.  For instance, microwaves and wireless phones may be using the same frequencies as your home wireless network. 

If this is the case, please read the following FAQ: How do I change the wireless channel?

The configuration of your Cogeco wireless modem may have been modified and your network may be configured to not display its name (SSID).
Try to manually connect to your wireless network. Please note that this configuration is not the one set up by your Cogeco technician during installation.

Please note: You must be subscribed to the Cogeco Wireless Service in order to have a Cogeco home wireless network. 
If you are not subscribed to Cogeco’s Wireless Service, it is normal that you not see a Cogeco wireless network on your computer. Please contact a Customer Support representative to subscribe to this service.

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