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What do I do if my wireless signal strength is poor?

Many factors, ranging from wireless modem placement to interference from other wireless modems or routers, can contribute to intermittent or weak wireless signals.

If all of your devices are experiencing intermittent connectivity, it is most likely an issue with your wireless modem’s settings and/or location.

If only certain devices are experiencing intermittent connectivity, this is most likely an individual device or placement issue.

Consult the manufacturer of the device which is receiving the weak signal.

Sometimes, interference can cause intermittent of weak connectivity. Try changing the channel over which your wireless modem broadcasts. The placement of the wireless modem can also contribute to intermittent or weak signals. Ensure that the wireless modem is in a central location if possible.  Also, ensure that the modem is placed away from other electrical devices or appliances. Common sources of interference include portable phones, microwaves and electrical panels. Objects or obstructions between the modem/router and wireless devices, such as metal or concrete walls, large metal appliances, metal cabinets or aquariums, can also cause interference.

A reset of the Wireless Modem may be in order. These are instructions on how to reset the modem to its default settings

If you continue to experience poor signal strength from your wireless modem, contact our technical support.


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