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Why is my wireless speed slower than my wired connection?

Speeds over a wireless connection will almost always be slower than a wired connection. This is due to several factors including differences in equipment, signal attenuation, the number of connected devices, signal interference, equipment location and age as well as other environmental factors. If you experience slower-than-expected speeds, please consider the following possibilities:

  1. There could be an issue with the channel over which the wireless modem is transmitting. Change the wireless channel of the wireless modem.
  2. An older wireless device is not capable of the speeds provided by our latest wireless modems. For instance, Wireless “B” and Wireless “G” devices are not capable of the speeds offered by Wireless “N” and as such, cannot obtain the top speeds offered by the service to which you are subscribed. To determine the speed capabilities of your wireless devices, consult the documentation you received with each device.
  3. When using a Wireless network, it is important to remember that each device that connects to the network utilizes a portion of the available bandwidth. The greater the number of devices concurrently using the network, the less bandwidth each device will be allocated.

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