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How do I use Newsgroups?

Newsgroups are discussion threads in which various Internet users participate to discuss a common theme. Topics can range from movies to music to books, with each newsgroup usually dedicated to a single topic.

We offer a Newsgroup server to our customers. To access the Newsgroups, you will need to obtain a Newsreader program. Some e-mail clients, such as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, come with built-in Newsreaders.

Once you have a Newsreader, you can visit to access the Newsgroups. The server does not require a login to connect. If you need assistance setting up Cogeco Newsgroups, refer to your Newsreader’s help file.

Cogeco Newsgroups have a 30-day archive, meaning that articles older than 30 days may not be available.

Please note that you must connect from a device with a Cogeco IP address in order to use Cogeco Newsgroups.


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