Create a new (POP) account FAQ

How do I configure Apple Mail 6 (POP)?

  1. To Add an account... Click "Mail" and "Preferences... image configuration
  2. Click "Accounts" then click the "+" on the bottom left image configuration
  3. Enter your "Name," "Email Address" and "Password" and click "Continue" image configuration
  4. Select "POP" for "Account Type" Enter the information as shown below and click "Continue" image configuration
  5. Check the "Use Secure Sockets Layer" box and click "Continue" image configuration
  6. Check the "Use Authentication" box and click "Continue" image configuration
  7. Click “Advanced” and enter the information as shown below image configuration
  8. Verify your "Account Summary" If you see an error, click "Go Back". Otherwise, click "Create" image configuration

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