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How do I set up and record a entire TV series?

Your DVR allows you to record multiple episodes of a program according to your preferences.

To record multiple episodes of a program, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Select the episode category to record from the Guide (it will be highlight) and press REC twice.
  • Step 2: Select Set up a series recording.
  • Step 3: Specify the Save option: Only new episodes, New and repeats or All with duplicates. We strongly recommend you to choose All with duplicates to be sure not to miss any episode of the series.
  • Step 4: Specify how long to save the recording: until I delete or until Space is needed.
  • Step 5: To access advanced series-setup features, like adding minutes to the start and end times and specifying which channels to record, select View all settings icon to review all options.

Your Series Recordings will appear in the My Recordings list with the show title as its label. Multiple recordings of the same show will have the same label and will be listed beginning with the most recent, as the default.

To change your view, use the side arrows on your remote to:

  • View by Date
  • View by Channel
  • View by Title

You may also modify the priority assigned to a series using the Series Priority List.

To modify the Series Priority List, please follow the steps below:

If there are scheduling conflicts in your series recordings, your DVR automatically creates a series priority List. The first series you set to record has the highest priority and will be the one recorded if there is a conflict. You can easily change the recording priority of the series so that the series of your choice is recorded when a conflict exists.

  • Step 1: Press on Menu/Settings twice and then select DVR.
  • Step 2: Choose Series Recordings.
  • Step 3: Highlight (in yellow) a program and use the Page Up/Down arrows to modify priority.

Important: If you would like to record two series instead of an individual recording that airs at the same time, you must delete the individual recording from the Future Recordings List or from the Guide.

Click here for the Interactive Guide manual.

To program a OnePass (Series Recordings) with TiVo, please refer to the following question.

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