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Are the Cogeco Home Phone and Business Phone customers impacted by the modification of the municipal tax for the 911 ?

No. Effective December 1 2009, the municipal tax for the 9-1-1 service is already accounted for by Cogeco for each of their residential and business telephony subscribers. Enforced throughout Quebec, that monthly 40 cents municipal tax is used to financially support de 9-1-1 emergency centres, which have the responsibility of answering the calls of distressed people and to activate the appropriate emergency services intervention team (police, firemen, ambulance, etc.).

This tax must be paid by everyone subscribing to a telephone service, no matter what type (wire or wireless telephony, including telephony by Internet and pre-paid card phone services), at the condition that the service allows to reach, directly or indirectly, the 9-1-1 emergency center. This change affects in no way the monthly rate of the Cogeco residential and business telephony subscribers, since the amount of that tax will continue to be paid by Cogeco.

For more information on the purpose of this tax, please consult the following website http://www.agence911.org/en/welcome  or dial 1 888 653-3911.

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