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How do I report unwanted and invasive calls to the authorities? (*57)

If you receive unwanted or invasive calls, you can use the *57 feature to trace these calls. This feature is included in your Cogeco Home Phone service.

To trace a call:

  • You must answer the call.
  • When the call has ended, hang up, then dial *57. Cogeco will save the time and date of the call and the telephone number of the unwanted caller.
  • Contact the police to file a complaint. Mention that you used the Call Trace service and give them the date and time of the call.
  • The police will present Cogeco with a warrant, after which Cogeco will give them the call information.

It is possible to trace a call even when *67 was used to block the caller’s identification. Please note that the Call Trace service must be limited to serious situations in which you are prepared to press charges. The call information will only be released to the authorities.

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