Making a Complaint - Step 2

Your views are important to us and we value feedback on our products and services. We will act on customer feed-back, whenever possible to help us improve our services or efficiency and focus on the needs of our customers.

Making a complaint

We strive on providing the best possible service but mistakes can take place.. When mistakes happen or you think our performance is not satisfactory we want to know so that we can improve and prevent it from occurring again.

What do we mean by a complaint?

A complaint is when you want to tell us that you are not satisfied with our product, service or interaction with us.

You should make a complaint when:

  • You think our service is not up to standard.
  • You have not been treated politely.
  • You think we have not followed the correct procedures.
  • A service you have asked for has not been provided and we have not given you a reasonable explanation.

How do I make a complaint?


Taking your complaint further – Office of the president.

We hope we can resolve your complaint by the first option.

If you are still not satisfied after option 1, you can contact us by writing to the “Office of The President”, who will carry out an independent investigation and tell you the outcome. Keeping in mind the time it takes for us to receive your mail. You will be contacted usually within 48 hours (business days). We will keep you informed of what action is being taken and approximate time for resolution dependant on the nature of the concern.

You may write to:

Office of the President
4141 boul. St-Jean
Trois-Rivières, QC
G9B 2M8

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