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  Business Phone Essential Business Phone Premium Business Phone Complete
Starting at
$ 29 .95 / month
3-years commitment bundled
Starting at
$ 34 .95 / month
3-years commitment bundled
Starting at
$ 39 .95 / month
3-years commitment bundled
Calling features
Long distance calling (Canada and USA) $0.14 /minute    
Voice mail $7.95    
Call Display $7.95    
Call Waiting $7.95    
Visual Call Waiting $0.00    
Call Forwarding $7.95    
Three Way Calling $7.95    
Call Transfer $7.95    
Line Hunting feature available on up to 12 Cogeco lines      
Up to 12 lines      
Assistance Services
Directory Assistance (411) $0.95/call    
Technical Support (611)      
Message Relay Service (711)      
Emergency Service (911)      
Operator Assistance (0)      
Special Features
Call Display Blocking (*67)      
Call Trace (*57)      
Local Number Portability      
Subscription to the White Pages directory      
Toll-Free 1000 service
Add a toll-free number to your phone package and increase calls to your business.
Get 1,000 inbound minutes per month from Canada and the United States.
$19.95/month $19.95/month $19.95/month

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