What are Wi-Fi pods?

Our plug-and-play Wi-Fi pods create a powerful and smart network.

Their connectivity seamlessly extends across all devices within your premises.

Plus, their advanced AI technology automatically optimizes to suit your Wi-Fi usage and  online activity.

As a result, your team and your customers have access to consistent coverage anywhere in your workplace.

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Why mesh networks are reliable

A mesh network is a group of pods that work together to provide a strong connection throughout their entire coverage range. This is what our Wi-Fi pods can do for your business. 

Work with reliable connectivity

Compliment your fast and reliable connection with:

A cloud-based platform that stays updated and optimized for peak performance.

Seamless scalability—just add more pods so your Wi-Fi network grows with your business.

A strong signal that provides stable coverage.

An app to monitor the strength of your Wi-Fi signal and connection speed.

Manage your network via the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app

The app lets you gain insight into your team's productivity, satisfaction and more:


  • Manage your network’s security with customized policy and access control for every employee.
  • Restrict content to create a safe workplace.
  • View data consumption and app usage.

Stay safe from cyber threats

Increase your overall security by separating the devices that access your Wi-Fi into parallel networks. We provide you with 3 parallel networks: One for your business and its IT devices, another for employees and a third for your customers.

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Network security with the Cogeco Wi-Fi app

Work online securely with seamless connectivity. Your network security is always on and using the latest updates. In addition to protecting your devices from cyber threats, the app also blocks ads coming from known ad servers.

Learn about your customers

Your customers get free access to a guest Wi-Fi network through a personalized, branded portal. 

When customers use the guest network, you’ll get insights based on their browsing behaviour. You can check how often a specific customer visits and how long each visit takes, and use this information to target their needs, build loyalty and drive sales.

Set up your pods in a few easy steps

Setup is as easy as plugging in your pods and downloading the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app, logging in, and following the steps to configure the app. 

And best of all, you can manage everything from the app.

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Plug and play

The system kicks into gear almost immediately. It recognizes all your devices, identifies the flow of traffic and begins to optimize your Wi-Fi network. 

Enhance your Business Internet service with Wi-Fi pods

Power up your Business Wi-Fi experience with our pods. Wi-Fi pods are available with any new or existing Cogeco Business Internet contract.

Rent 2 Wi-Fi pods for $15.98 per month

Ask for a callback from your local Account Executive who will provide you with a quote for adding the Wi-Fi pods to your service. Our starter pack covers between 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. If you’re in a large workplace or if you have over 80 devices that need to stay connected, additional pods (up to 4 total) can be rented for $7.99 per month each. 


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