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911 Emergency Service Limitations

911 Emergency Service Limitations

  • If you receive VoIP Telephone Service (digital telephony) and depending on how this service is configured, you must be aware of the important differences and limitations in the way your 911 service may operate with a VoIP Telephone Service when compared with traditional wireline telephone service.

  • With traditional wireline phone services, your 911 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With Basic 911 service, your 911 call is first forwarded to a third-party emergency operator (Operator) that will then route your call to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) based on your address/location.

  • Since the Operator is different from the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that would answer a traditional wireline 911 call, which would automatically generate your address/location, you will be required to provide your name, address/location, and contact information verbally before your call can be routed to the appropriate PSAP.

  • If, for whatever reason, you are not able to provide your address/location to the Operator (for example, if you are unable to speak during a 911 call), the Operator may assume that you are calling from the last registered address. Please ensure that your registered information (service address or temporary address when traveling) is always accurate and updated by accessing the Nomadic 9-1-1 Address Portal with the following link: It is your responsibility to ensure that your registered information is always accurate and updated. Do not risk dispatching the emergency services to the wrong address/location.

  • 911 calls originating from an address/location outside of Canada cannot be routed to any PSAP or emergency service by the Operator. Cogeco therefore recommends that customers outside of Canada use a traditional wireline service to call emergency services.

  • VoIP phone services depend on Internet connectivity and electrical power to function. Consequently, if there is a service interruption/outage for any reason, it may prevent some or all elements of the emergency service, including 911 dialling, from working.

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