Hosted PBX Integrated ACD

Welcome to Cogeco's Hosted PBX Integrated Automatic Call Distribution (iACD) service. Now that your business phone service is set up, let's explore its features in detail. This handy guide will show you how to use all of its innovative features. Let's get started.

Accessing your Glossary for iACD and ACD

You will use the Groups panel in your Customer Portal account to see the groups that you belong to and, optionally, log in and out of them. With the Hosted PBX Integrated ACD feature, you can also link to an Agent Dashboard screen that will display caller information whenever a call arrives in a queue and also provides a range of statistics on the current activity of the groups of which you are a member.

Viewing your MLHGs

To view the groups that you belong to, log in to your Hosted PBX Customer Portal and navigate to the Groups panel.

Customer Portal Groups Panel

The Group Membership panel on the left displays the groups that you belong to:

  • Click on the name of the iACD group in the Group Membership panel to display the group’s details.
  • You can then see:
    • How many lines belong to the iACD group, and how many are logged in.
    • Whether you are currently logged in.
    • Details of each line in the MLHG, including whether each line is currently logged in.

Logging In and Out of Queues

If you are configured to log in and out of a group, you can use Hosted PBX Customer Portal to do this.

Quickly review your current status per group:

  • Logged in icon
  • Logged out icon

Change status

To alter your current status, click on the icon on your Agent Dashboard:

  • If you were logged in, you will now be logged out.
  • If you were logged out, you will now be logged in.

Customer Portal Agent Dashboard

Accessing the Agent Dashboard Page

You will access the Agent Dashboard page initially using your Hosted PBX Customer Portal. Once you have accessed it, you can bookmark the page in your browser so that you can link to it directly.

Click on the Agent Dashboard link in the Your Services panel.

Customer Portal Your Services Panel

This launches the Agent status page in a new browser window.

Using the Agent Status Page

Managing your current state: You can use the Current State drop down menu in the top right-hand corner of the Agent Dashboard page to show whether or not you are currently available to take calls from your Queues.

Agent Dashboard Current State

Generally, you will be in the Available state which indicates that you are available to handle calls. If you need to stop receiving calls (for example you are taking your lunch break or you are going to attend a meeting), use the Current State drop down menu to switch to the state that is most appropriate for the reason that you cannot currently handle calls. When you switch out of the Available state, you will not receive calls via any of your Queues. Once you are available to take calls again, you must switch back into the Available state before you can receive any calls.

Incoming Calls

When an incoming call is received, the Incoming Call panel displays any caller information that can be derived by your telephone system (ex. Caller ID).

When a call has been received via a Queue, the pop-up Agent Panel displays the following information about the Queue that the caller dialed:

  • Name of the Queue that was originally called
  • Avg. waiting time for a call to be answered in that Queue
  • Calls in Queue
  • Number of agents logged into the Queue
  • Whether you are logged in to this Queue

This information will help you answer the call appropriately (ex. you will be able to see when a caller has been waiting a long time for a response). If the call did not arrive via a Queue, you will see a message saying, ‘No matching queue’.

If an incoming call stops ringing for any reason (for example, it was answered by another agent or the caller hung up), the incoming call details will fade out over a few seconds.

The Incoming Call panel will display the message ‘No incoming call’ if there are currently no incoming calls in any of the Queues that you belong to.

Wrapping Up A Completed Call

When you finish a call, you may be put into the Wrap-up state. While you are in the Wrap-up state, you will not receive calls via any of your Queues, allowing you time to carry out any work related to the completed call.

Wrap-up State Options

Once you have completed this work, you will need to leave the Wrap-up state by choosing a new Agent State using the Current State drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the Agent Status page. When you do this, a ‘Leave Wrap-Up?’ dialog box will appear. You must fill out the fields in the Leave Wrap-Up dialog box to provide information about the call that you have just completed.

  • In the first drop-down menu, you will need to provide the name of the Queue that is most appropriate for the content of the completed call. For example, in the screenshot above, a call from a customer concerning a problem with an invoice would be assigned to the Billing Queue.

Note: a Queue may have already been selected - you should select the correct Queue if the wrong one has been selected.

  • The second drop-down menu asks you to select the disposition code that best describes how the call was resolved.
    • If this menu is labeled Select a Disposition Code, you will not be able to continue until you have chosen a code.
    • If this menu is labeled Select a Disposition Code (optional), you can choose whether or not to choose a code.
    • If this menu is labeled No Disposition Codes, this Queue does not require any disposition codes and you can ignore this menu

Once you have provided all of the necessary information, you can click OK to exit the Wrap-up state.

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