UltraFibre 360 Unlimited

Discover outstanding speeds without limits. From downloading HD movies and TV shows, to streaming music, to hours of online video gaming, this is the perfect package for those who love entertainment.

  • Download or stream movies at ultrafast speeds
  • Ideal for highly competitive online video gamers
  • Great for families using multiple devices at once
  • Just arrived in Burlington and Oakville

Download speed up to:
360 Mbps

Upload speed up to:
360 Mbps

Monthly usage:


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UltraFibre 360 Unlimited$110.00/month

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New package
UltraFibre 360 Unlimited$110.00/month

This package includes:

Cutting-edge equipment

Cutting-edge equipment

Get the advanced AC Wi-Fi router and the 360 modem to optimize your network and ensure a seamless connection across your home. (Standard installation fees applicable)

Total home Wi-Fi solution

Complete Home Wi-Fi coverage

Two AC Wi-Fi extenders included for better Wi-Fi coverage within your home for you to get the best Internet experience wherever you are.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots

Unlimited and free access to our large network of Wi-Fi hotspots across Ontario and Québec.

Cogeco Security

Cogeco Security

A full range of security services, automatically and continually updated, including an antivirus and firewall to protect you from online threats.

Minimum system requirements

8 GB
Hard Drive
512 GB
Free space
2 GB
Network card
Gigabit TH
Ethernet cable
Cat5e/Cat 6
Intel Core I7 or above
Operating systems
Vista SP2, Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X (or more recent) or Linux (not supported)
Systems that do not meet the minimum requirements will be unable to reach the advertised speeds.

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Award-winning Internet service

Trusted in communities across Ontario

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