The EPICO 4K Cloud PVR and remote

The EPICO 4K Cloud PVR and remote Your access to advanced entertainment features The EPICO 4K Cloud PVR and remote Your access to advanced entertainment features

Cloud recordings

The ultimate in flexibility

Cloud recordings let you start a show on your TV at home,
then continue watching on your tablet on your way to the chalet.

Plus, because the recordings are in the cloud, you can increase
your recording capacity whenever you want, with a simple phone call.

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You can access your recordings from:

Record to your heart’s content

Browse the programming guide to find all the binge-worthy shows, then set the entire series to record in just a few clicks.

Press once to record a show.

Press twice for the entire series.

Press 3 times to cancel the recording

 Customize your recording with advanced options.

Tips for making the most of your recordings

Save your favourite movie to make sure it never gets automatically replaced with a new recording if you reach your recording capacity.

Look for this icon on your phone or tablet to download all the recordings you want to watch offline.

Voice remote Use your EPICO remote to its full potential

Press the Menu button to access the EPICO menu. Or press the Films button to discover all the on-demand movies you can rent or purchase. These are just 2 of the many new advanced features that make the EPICO remote our most practical remote ever.

Learn more about your remote buttons

3 other practical features

Built-in Chromecast

When an app on your mobile device displays the Chromecast icon, you can share its content on your EPICO 4K Cloud PVR and watch it on your TV.

How to cast from mobile to TV


If you subscribe to channels or apps offering Ultra HD content, your PVR will allow you to fully enjoy this 4K content.

More info about 4K


One fewer cable behind the TV is a small detail with a big impact. Declutter your TV setup with the new wireless EPICO 4K Cloud PVR.

Did you know?


You can pair your Bluetooth headphones with your TV and watch action movies at full volume at 1 a.m., while the rest of the family sleeps. Press the Bluetooth button on your headphones, then on your EPICO 4K Cloud PVR to pair the devices. 


You can pair your Bluetooth game controller with your EPICO 4K Cloud PVR to play games you have downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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