Discover the TiVo PVR

Enjoy the most personalized TV experience with the TiVo® PVR.


Record up to 6 shows at once

You can also pause live TV and continue watching on another TV or on your mobile device.


Access Netflix, YouTubeTM and more on your TV

You’ll never have to press the input key again to enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, your music, videos, photos and more.


Take your shows on the go

Download your recorded shows or stream live TV on your tablet or smartphone and watch from anywhere.


Switch on detail like you’ve never seen.

Now you can enjoy sports, Netflix and more in 4K with the all-new TiVo® 4K PVR.


The best picture quality

Crisper, sharper picture with more realistic colours


Ultra-High Definition

4X the resolution of Full HD


Incredibly vivid and lifelike viewing experience

An image so real, you feel like you’re there.

Access conditions

  • A 4K television and a 4K receiver are required to watch 4K.
  • A single access fee of $10 is required for certain 4K channels.
  • A subscription to the SD/HD channel corresponding to the 4K channel is required.
  • 4K content is not available with all channels and varies in time.

Discover more TiVo features and functionalities

Integrated Search

Search content by title, actors or channel with this easy-to-use, intuitive function.

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Search from live TV, your recordings, Cogeco On Demand and Netflix titles.

TiVo® Mobile App

Manage and program your recordings remotely via the Cogeco TiVo mobile app.

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You can also start playback on your TV with a swipe on your tablet. Plus, use your tablet as a virtual remote control.

Discovery Bar

Get recommendations based on your preferences.

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The TiVo® PVR automatically records shows you might like, based on your Thumbs up and Thumbs down ratings for other shows.

Whole Home PVR

Enjoy a Whole Home PVR when you combine the TiVo® PVR with a TiVo® Mini.

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Connect your TiVo® service to up to 5 additional TVs in your home, and get access to all your TiVo® PVR content and the full suite of TiVo® functionalities.

My Shows List

One Pass gathers every episode of the shows you like and adds them to your My Shows list.

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It tracks and gathers episodes from live TV, On Demand, Netflix and more. Plus, you don’t need to keep track of episodes that aren’t available yet. One Pass does it for you.

1 TB Hard Drive

Get great recording capacity.

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Recording capacity of:

  • up to 700 hours for standard TV
  • up to 150 hours for HD and 4K TV.

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